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Our students studying hard to become Journeyman Electricans.
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2018 Wire Off Contestants with Director of Education Joe Chandler
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Contestants taking the written exam for the National Certified Professional Electrician Certification
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Students working hard on Wire Off/National CPE Certification
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Students working hard on Wire Off/National CPE Certification
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Students working hard on Wire Off/National CPE Certification
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2017 Graduating Class
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IEC Dallas Instructors
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Outstanding Apprentice all 4 Years, Manuel Hernandez and employer Bill Mitchell from JMEG
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Nominees for Oustanding Apprentice All Four Years
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Perfect Attendance All Four Years

Apprenticeship Committee

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Pat Brown
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Doug Sturdivant
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Andy Mellon

Not pictured: Mike Bouchard, Ryan Schade, Don Meyers, Jeff Bills

Online Classroom Program

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What is an Electrician?

An Electrician is a trained, skilled tradesman who combines basic and theoretical knowledge of operating characteristics of electrical equipment and devices, along with physical dexterity, and skill to adequately and safely wire residential, commercial, industrial and other types of facilities. The Electrician's services enable the consumer to use electrical energy for lighting and operating electrical equipment such as motors, appliances, control systems, etc.

Career Path for Electricians
Career Path for Electricians

Program Overview

The IEC Apprenticeship is a four year program registered with the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are awarded a certificate of completion by the United States of America, DOL. and are recognized anywhere you may want to live or work in America.

The following information is provided to answer questions you may have regarding the IEC Apprenticeship Program:

  • Students work full time while attending class one night each week, 5:30 - 9:30 p.m., from September through May of each year. Students do not attend class during summer months. Students are required to complete 576 hours of classroom training as part of their graduation requirements.

  • You are supervised by a Journey level licensed electrician for all your on-the-job training while you are enrolled in the IEC program. You must complete 8,000 hours of on-the-job training as one of the requirements for graduation.

  • IEC instructors are Master electricians with field and teaching experience.

  • You will receive regular wage increases while enrolled in the IEC program.

  • Your company supervisor will submit quarterly field progress reports to the IEC Apprenticeship committee to help monitor your progress in learning.

  • Graduation ceremonies with cap/gown are standard practice. Students may be awarded a minimum 37 hours of college credit for completion of program.

  • Students must pass each semester's work with a minimum grade of 70 in order to be promoted to the next semester in the program.

  • Attendance requirements are strict. All students must attend class weekly.

  • Students are required to maintain their attendance in the workplace. It is important that all students comply with the workplace requirements as set forth by their employing company.

  • Students may not seek work elsewhere while enrolled in the IEC Apprenticeship program unless he/she plans to quit the program.


  • Excellent Career Opportunity
  • Great starting wage plus benefits from employing company
  • Students study under national curriculum written by electrical contractors. Curriculum is updated on continuing basis to incorporate changes in the industry.
  • Regular wage increases while enrolled in program. Electrical trade one of the best paying trades in the construction industry.
  • Classroom and hands on training are integral parts of program. Employer provided regular progress reports on grades, attendance and on-the-job training performance
  • Graduating students may receive up to 37 college credit hours.
  • Formal graduation ceremony with cap/gown and awards ceremony for all students.
  • Students compete for various awards and prizes
  • Scholarship funds available to graduates on a limited basis to continue education
  • Excellent career path in the electrical construction industry

Interested applicants should contact their employer or call the IEC office at 972/550-1133 for more information.

General Information


  • AGE - Minimum age 18
  • EDUCATION - High School graduate or GED equivalent




Length of Apprenticeship

  • Normally it takes 4 years to complete the program of 8,000 hours of on the job training, 576 hours of classroom work with passing grades and passing the required state of Texas journeyman exam to receive your state electrical license.
  • COSTS - (cash/credit card) 
            $25 Application fee when you make application to the program 
            $50 Registration fee due when you are accepted into the program and
                    prior to taking your drug screen and background check.
  • TUITION - your tuition is deducted from your pay each week by your employer and sent to IEC. Tuition is based on a cents per hour for each hour worked. 
            1st year - 1, 000 hours of OJT .37 cents per hour for each hour worked 
            1st year - next 1,000 hours .41 cents per hour for each hour worked 
            2nd year - .49 cents per hour for each hour worked 
            3rd year .56 cents per hour for each hour worked 
            4th year .64 cents per hour for each hour worked


  • Unless state funding for the program is available, students must purchase books which total approximately $270.


  • Social security card / Current Drivers License / Your own transportation
  • High School transcript + Diploma and/or GED scores
  • Evidence of previous electrical experience (if any)
  • Letter of recommendation from a current or previous employer
  • Completion of math evaluation at IEC
  • If Veteran, copy of DD 214
  • Successful completion & passing a background check and drug screen
  • Must apply for and receive a state electrical Apprenticeship License from state of Texas
  • Registration with Selective Service

To Begin Work

  • Applicant must first successfully pass a drug screen and background check when interview is complete and you are accepted into the program. $50 registration fee must be paid.
  • After two weeks of employment with IEC contractor member, apprentice will be registered into the program with Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, DOL.
  • Applicant must furnish his/her own tools from list supplied by IEC
  • Starting salary on the IEC wage scale is currently $11.80 hour.
  • Must have valid state of Texas Electrical Apprenticeship License or cannot begin work.

Special Notes

  • Apprenticeship is open to all applicants who meet requirements without regard to race, creed, national origin or sex.
  • For more information call 972/550-1133 between 9 am. and 5 pm. or visit us on the web at

Apprenticeship Timesheet