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Please fill out the checkout form completely. Subscriptions to training courses are tied to your Email address.  You will find it easier to use this form if you hit the Tab key between fields.  You can automate some of this if you login to the Online Learning area before purchasing. 


  1. Select your course and click Buy Now. 
  2. Enter your subscription information.  Enter your Email address and if you are already onfile under that Email address you can then authenticate by providing your password OR license number.  
  3. Whether it is a new account or an existing account verifiy and make changes as needed to the billing changes and click on Continue. 
  4. Verify your order and then click on the Payment button at the bottom of the page to go to the secure site where you will pay with your credit card. 
  5. Upon successful entry and authorization of your credit card information you will return to this site and you may click the Login button to automatically login to the Online Learning area.  You may return at any time and click on Online Learning in the menu and enter your Email address and password to login.  
  6. If you forget your password at any time in the future look for the Password Recovery button on the login screen and enter your Email address and the system will send you your password. 
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